Nymund9 – Being a Princess | Electro

Nymund9 give us this phenomenal song that imagines the events before the new MLP Movie, it relates the thoughts, feelings and dreams of Zipp Storm, the princess of Zephir Heights. The song opens with some punchy kicks and a rough lead synth, you can feel all the frustration and emotional weight that comes with being a princess. After that introduction, we get a break, where we can only listen a piano and a small synth arp that builds a bit of tension, some vocal chops from the movie can be heard, and another arp makes its melody through the track, this time, in a higher pitch. Subsequently, the punchy drums and the rough lead make a come back, they return and mix with the other synths. The harmony of the song is incredible, the atmosphere transmits very well that tension of the feelings of the lyrics about Zipp and her questions, her role in society, and that desire to live in a better way, without the need to lie to the ponies. Please hear this truly marvelous tune and give some support to Nymund9!


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