[P@D] Wandering Artist – You have friends in Maretime Bay | Soundtrack

Wandering Artist constructed this song with the intention of mimicking the G5 movie’s structure with a predominantly light and carefree feeling, and they were unquestionably successful! The track opens with a fantastic, jazzy arrangement with a classic feel that is supported by the rest of the orchestral instrumentation. The interplay of the instruments that comprise the melody is delightful, and the addition of accordion was a great choice (there’s just something about accordion that contributes an intimate and grounded feeling to an arrangement). The brass, woodwinds, and keys dance with the plucked strings, and then the instruments take their turns at the fore, at times and swell together in glorious unison. The sombre piano interlude in the middle fits the song perfectly, and the ebbs and flows of the progression are lively and engaging as it morphs through multiple styles, even taking on an electric guitar lead towards the end. The song has an amazing balance of powerful and delicate moments throughout, and it’s no wonder that it earned a spot on the “P@D: Aurora” album!


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