Cherry Blossom – Tales Of Magic – Dark And Light | Ambient Orchestral

For every good and joyful thing, there’s always a bad and dark counterpart, it’s a rule in nature and our existence; there cannot be the good without the evil, and there’s no light without the darkness. But there’s a space, a little narrow space between these two forces, where the balance happens, where the harmony can be found, a place where you can get knowledge about the people in the light and the people in the dark. A place where you can understand both worlds, and where you can see both of their gifts, and their curses, and you get wiser. But you can’t stay there for long, you need to choose, you need to face the crude reality and determine which of them it’s the right one, and you need to accept the consequences of your decisions. And I think this song by Cherry Blossom encapsulates that feeling of being in the middle in a cool way. You can hear how the emotional weight of this feeling pulls the piece forward, like an inevitable fate. The contrast between the vigorous and energetic Violins and the taciturn and melancholic guitar it’s just perfect. The track speaks itself. It’s the voice for those who are at the border, seeking a new perspective.
Please, check this song, is very underrated, this song and Mystery Of Magic are just perfect, so go ahead and show some support!


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