GhostXb – Dreaming | Ambient Orchestral

Ok, so people who know me know that I am a sucker for two things in this world: EDM of the House/Bounce variety and Orchestral, and of the latter this is a perfect example of why I love the genre! “Dreaming” starts out with this wonderful arrangement of strings that perfectly captures this dramatic feeling. Soon the strings are joined by an electric guitar, giving a nice accent to the song. Every now and again we get a really high note on the strings that almost sounds like a cry for someone. Then a bit later on out of nowhere these heavenly choirs appear to bring joy to your ears! Near the ending we get more epic orchestral sounding string parts as the guitar leaves, leaving us with only the strings, something I love hearing that really accents this piece nicely. At the end the strings simply fade out.
I’ve often talked about how much I enjoy longer songs that don’t go out of their way to be some flashy firework, and this song embodies exactly that. It clocks in at a bit more than six minutes and stays very consistent throughout, which makes it a perfect song for a perma loop, having exactly the right amount of variation so that it doesn’t get boring!
Proofread by theCANderson, big thanks to him!


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