Marcato Sound – Inkblight | Orchestral

So you like Orchestral and are like me a sucker for great String sections? Well, do I have the song for you! You don’t? Well, then I still have the song for you! Inkblight is such a wonderfully epic and grandiose piece, and a must-listen! Marcato Sound wrote the song as part of a fanfic’s OST and oh my god, it is wonderful! We’ve got your epic intro with Strings, drums and more, quickly we get something that blew my mind, Marcato Sound uses a Cymbal to create what is best described as an orchestral riser, something I didn’t know was possible but certainly enjoy! We ramp up the epicness for a bit and soon some lovely woodwinds join in to create almost a magical feel to the piece. After a bit we ramp up again into a faster rhythm, again perfectly accented by the woodwinds and as we progress further through the piece, we ramp up even more with some horns, lending this feel of quick action. Before we get to the ending bit, we again get a calmer section, this time the melody is backed what I can only assume is a cembalo which is something we don’t get all too often and brings an amazing feel to the whole song before we end out on another epic fast paced section and a finishing bit of woodwinds.


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