BlueBrony – The Magic of Hearth’s Warming (feat. Agatan, Flitterkriz & Sakairi Melodious) | Funk / Orchestral / Jazz

Hearth’s Warming songs are always one of my favorite parts of the season and this one hits it out of the park! I’ve known about the making of this song for a while but everything I heard massively understated how awesome this is! Before the song itself starts we get a quick holiday skit, involving all the musicians, I won’t touch on that too much because this is about promoting the song, but let me tell you it’s hilarious and provides a good transition to the song itself.

(Continued after the break)

We start this wonderful song with a stunning piano melody, set to the amazing vocals of Agatan giving us a quick bit of info on how the tradition started, but quickly the gorgeous voice of Sakairi takes over, giving us a quick transition bit along with some more of that amazing piano before she belts out the chorus, joined by the piano and some guitar chords in such a wonderful display of her talent, singing about what Hearth’s Warming means to so many people, a season to share and something we can all believe it, how in this short bit of winter, we all have a reason to care, the magic of Hearth’s Warming Eve. As we leave this chorus we get an amazing piano melody that just sounds a bit like excited little hooves prancing down the stairs towards the Hearth’s Warming Tree. Quickly Agatan takes back over, joined by some more guitar action, now singing about how ponies celebrate Hearth’s Warming Eve, meeting up with loved ones, dancing, eating, having fun, before going to sleep, full of excitement towards the presents they’ll get tomorrow. As the ponies sleep the instrumental takes back over, giving us this fun and happy upbeat melody you can’t help but bop along to! Next up Sakairi takes back over, singing about one of the most important parts of the celebration: Raising a toast to all the family you’ve visited for the celebrations and spending some time celebrating the people no longer with us and celebrating their lives and the love they’ve given to everyone. After which she sings about the second very important part: Forgiveness. Over a year there’s a lot of moments when we picked fights, a lot of moments when we didn’t go for the peaceful solution, but when Hearth’s Warming draws near it’s time to forget all our fights, forget all our grudges and if just for those few days, forgive the people we fought with. With Agatan’s next verse he takes some time to touch back on the unity this day celebrates between the pony races of Equestria, each and everyone brings something to the table with their special ability, be it Pegasi bringing the snow, Earthponies harvesting the crops or Unicorns giving light on this very special day. Before we get to the next verse we get another gorgeous spin on the melody this time accompanied by some strings. In the next verse, Agatan again touches on the families of old, the families who’ve taught us valuable lessons,  we need to learn from their lessons to drive away the cold that the windigos bring and to make this a truly special day of the year! Next we get the same melody from the first hook, but this time around Sakairi and Flitterkriz deliver a few new lines about casting away all the negativity and being happy about this celebration! Before going into our last part, we get something that actually really surprised me, as best as I can describe it, is a drum build up, but done with a guitar, I’ve never seen that before and I didn’t know how much I wanted it! For the last part all three singers, Agatan, Sakairi and Flitterkriz belt out the chorus we’ve heard before in a wonderful harmony before BlueBrony sends us off with some more of what I called little hooves clopping down the stairs!

This is technically not part of the music itself but lastly I want to point your attention to the amazing visuals: A gorgeous changing background with visualisers on the sides for the instrumental and in the middle for the amazing singing. Additionally to that when the chorus is sung a tree starts to form!


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