Kaida – Luna | Melodic Dubstep

Kaida give us this melodically amazing and very emotive song! This time, about one of the princesses on Equestria, Princess Luna. The song is the second one in the Princess Project by Kadia, so stay tuned and check her channel for more of this phenomenal project! (that is going pretty well so far). The track opens with some gentle strings and a dreamy pad. After a while, you can hear a cymbal and some crystalline keys in the distance. Then, everything comes down only to leave space to the buildup, made of an energetic percussion and a soft and sweet lead. It’s preparing us for the drop. And, oh man, it’s a hard-hitting melodic banger! Filled with emotional chords, stunning saw-synths, and a punchy drum kit. This track is just wonderful, like our dear princess Luna. So what are you waiting for! Go and give it a listen, and also show some support to Kaida, She’s a very talented artist!


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