GhostXb – Lunar Snowfall | Lo-fi

There is nothing more beautiful and comfy than Heart Warming (a.k.a. Christmas days!), it is the perfect moment for celebrating and sharing those priceless moments we have with our family, and when chilling with our friends as well! and GhostXb knows this, and the track sounds just like that. GhostXb tells us that he took for inspiration a Wonderful fan art showing Princess Luna gazing at a cold night full of stars and the gentle snow falling from the sky. There are not enough words that describe how great the image looks, so that is why our dear friend decided to make a soundtrack for it and to show us those feelings one has when we are at these moments of the year. The track begins with a small tambourine rhythm and a crystalline piano melody that instantly sets you in the mood for this cozy song. We can hear some warm guitars strumming around, accompanied by those sweet keys in conjunct of neat drums that are just phenomenal. The track continues incorporating new melodies and chords (yes, this tune even has that “Christmas-ish chord” that makes everything sound nostalgic!). We can also listen to some strings, bells, and more tambourines. The atmosphere is just great. So, what are you waiting for! Go and have a pleasant time listening to this excellent song!


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