[VibePoniez] BlueBrony & Drummershy – Insomnia (Sprout’s Friday Night) | Jazz

Have you ever had one of those nights where you can’t sleep? And it seems that the only thing you can do is to reflect on your past, your future, and everything around you? Sometimes it’s fatiguing and annoying; some other times are just empty and apparently useless. Well, BlueBrony and Drummershy know that feeling, and deliver to us this fascinating jazz piece, with charming keys, some groovy drums, and a flute melody that is just stunning. The track opens with vocals telling us about a man who fails to fall asleep every night. Then all the instruments come together and enhance the atmosphere, like you were visiting all your memories and ambitions, while trying to get a moment of sleep. Everything cuts out, leaving only the Rhodes, a warm guitar, and a filtered drum kit that slowly and delightfully add more color to the track. By the end of the song, you have gained more experience and are finally ready to get sleep. The whole tune is a vibe, holding true to the compilation album!


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