[Album] Skyshard – The Borderline | Synthwave/Indie Electronic

Right after Christmas, Skyshard dropped this huge, immersive album offering an extended look into their dystopian, Equestria Girls world. Though fully instrumental, The Borderline tells the story of a scientist working in a dark future where he finds the truth behind the shady workings of the tyrannical mega-corporation. The album as a whole explores lots of different styles to the synthwave sound and switched back and forth between melodic and often optimistic tracks versus emptier, more barren soundscapes. Every track is distinct form the last, and it is easy to tell each song is written with a specific purpose in mind as it relates to the story! (continued after the break)

Melochromatic Sunset: The first song on the album does a great job imprinting a large, dismal world and industrial turmoil at the heart of it all. The synth work is both excitingly melodic and heavily burdensome when it needs to be. The attack on the instruments perfectly establishes the oppressive feel of the landscape, especially in the deep, echoing drums.

Numbers: About halfway through the album, this track may catch you off-guard. Among a patch of songs defined mainly for their slower, emptier and more pessimistic atmospheres, Numbers sticks out for its flashier melodies and rhythms which are highlighted in the synths and give off an impression of hope in what has been a largely harsh environment.

The Other Side: The penultimate track on the album really brightens up with flashy strings, bright synths in the background, and quicker, more energy-driven melodies. One of the longest songs on the album, this track paces its message well through differently styled sections which all build beautifully through layering instruments as the piece goes on.

There are a whooping 42 songs included in The Borderline, so it is definitely encouraged to get the full album on Skyshard’s bandcamp, for the wholly immersive and incredible experience!


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