PSFMer – Unicorn Attack | Techno / Afro-Beat

PSFMer doesn’t stop amazing us with his tracks, especially with his brand new release “Unicorn Attack”, which is centered around the new generation movie! This track is a curious but perfect mix of Afro Percussion and Techno, a rare combination that we have seen very sparingly in the fandom, and features vocals from G5 as well as audio by The whole track is a vibe that makes you wanna move your body! The song starts with a constantly growing and evolving percussion rhythm, little by little layering more percussive sounds, like if the track were coming alive. After all this drum craziness, we got some vocal chops, including Hitch screaming the song title – very crazy stuff going on this track! This is a cool and groovy track, so please don’t hesitate to check it out!


One thought on “PSFMer – Unicorn Attack | Techno / Afro-Beat

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