Violin Melody – Sisters (Original Mix) | Future House

In light of the many fandom tracks conveying Celestia and Luna as rivals, it is refreshing to see Violin Melody presenting them as loving siblings in her appropriately titled piece, “Sisters”. This is exactly the kind of subject matter one could expect Violin Melody, founder of ASOS, to focus on, and she does so with this lovely composition. The melodies are powerful yet sweet, with these gentle chimes mixed in – like them being there for each other. The drops show a bit of mystical energy and power, just like alicorn magic. The beat has its ups and downs, just like any siblings have with each other. These elements tell the love and closeness these two share: a sisterly love that is strong through thick and thin. This track is a pure banger, just like when it’s go time between them! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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