Jyc Row – Together, Our Hearts Will Beat Again | Orchestral

Jyc Row is known for his amazing orchestral works and his phenomenal storytelling skills through music. So you can imagine how HYPED I was when a new INFINITE ECLIPSE track was uploaded. The thing is, this track is a finale; and when we talk about finales, we talk about delivering THE cherry on the top. This is a challenging task for anyone, but Jyc ABSOLUTELY delivers. And oooh~ my lord, does that cherry on top taste GOOD! If this part of the story is so good, who knows what the future has in store?! I hope you are as hooked as I am to this song with its loving build-up and the epic out-of-this-world melodies. I truly recommend y’all show Jyc some love, and support this track and his projects!


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