[ASOS] Alicore – The Faithful | Symphonic Metal

Late October last year ASOS released their 9th compilation album, Eclair. As you would expect, that album had a lot of genres of music to offer – especially this gem which in turn is the explosive debut of Alicore. The band comprises Sakairi, SlightyAmiss, Whirlwind, Acoustic Wholenote, and Cadenza Heartsong; names you may have known for their solo talents and success.

The music speaks for itself when you hear this song. Symphonic metal works beautifully when mixed with quality ingredients like a good dessert. The story of the return of Nightmare Moon never sounded so glorious, moving, and adrenaline-inducing! The guitars and bass are harsh and crisp thanks to Acoustic and Amiss; Whirlwind puts his 2 cents in with aggressive blast beats, drumming at a pace that gives your heart a jolt. Oh, you cannot have symphonic metal without those lovely and blissful harmonic synths that you hear throughout this masterpiece, thanks to Heartsong. If you get chills hearing Sakairi’s singing voice for the first time, that is just another element of this band done well, an excellent front to lead you along to grab at your emotions, That harsh rage of nightmare moon’s anger? Perfect for the brutal vocal talent of SlightlyAmiss.

If that wasn’t enough, a FULLY and GORGEOUS animated music video was done by the talented JilltheOtherPony, immerses you deep into this music! The talent pool of the brony music community is impressive. Getting noticed is not always easy. How you make a first impression, my fellow bronies, is this. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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