Vylet Pony – i’ve still got something to teach you | Prog Pop

Editor’s note: what even is genre?

I adore story-telling, whether it be through music, miniature table-top games, or movies. The magic of experiencing how someone sees and builds their world is a wonderful experience. This is why I’m ABOLUTELY HYPED for Vylet Pony’s new upcoming album “Fish Whisperer”! Vylet takes her projects like this song in a truly magical and amazing direction! Dare I say, this is a(nother) magnum opus of hers! The sudden switches, the majestic vocals, the mood and ambience elevating higher and higher; it’s truly amazing! Canni Trout isn’t bluffing when our lovely fish friend says that there is SOOO MUCH to show, experience, feel and, of course, to learn. Thank you for this wonderful lesson, Canni!


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