Vylet Pony – can opener’s notebook: fish whisperer | Indie Pop

Aside from ridiculously high quality production and sound design, Vylet Pony has a knack for relating to the world of Equestria and the creatures within it. Her connection to the show is poetically romantic as demonstrated through her concepts and music. can opener’s notebook: fish whisperer is the story of a neurodivergent unicorn going from overachieving marine biologist to aspiring musician after relocating to a quiet cabin on the Yakyakistan coast. Featuring lots of sudden track change-ups, full soundscapes, a prevailing theme of “you are/aren’t a real musician“, and so much more, every song is immersive into the coastal atmosphere and risky yet fulfilling nature of Canni (the protagonist).

(Some song recaps after the break)

you’re not a real musician: The first track on the album introduces us to Canni’s little part of Equestria with whimsy before taking a fun, rebellious tone. Themes of autonomy, artistic choices, and musical criticism lay a very strong foundation for everything that is to come.

good grief: Vylet often includes optimistic and empowering messages in her music, and good grief is the quintessential “everything is good” track. The instruments and composition are all uplifting and bright while the lyrics remind us that “it’s good to feel alive”

soundscape diary: one neat idea with this album is the concept of using broken instruments to create music. The track starts with the line “obviously, it’s not going to work the same, because it’s broken” and then takes its time to really find a motif to build around. It is like Canni is looking for where such a unique instrument can find its place and spends the first 4 minutes of this track experimenting with the sounds and rhythms before putting everything together into a complete, whole song.


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