[Equinity] Night Blaze – Alicornisation | Hybrid Orchestral

Hybrid Orchestral? Yes please! My friend Drake has already talked about the lore behind this track here, so I’ll focus mostly on the music aspect.

Clocking in at a bit more then eight minutes this song has a lot of time to explore different moods and it earns up to that! We start out with a more dark ambient sound to it, dark strings, sinister melody and all entailing, we get first hints at the electronic part of this here as well, but the focus is definitely on Orchestral. As the electronic elements take over, we move into the second, more action focused part where the synth melody takes center stage and is supported by some orchestral and some electronic aspects. After a bit we make a switch to a again more orchestral focused sinister part that really lets the instruments shine before moving right back into the epic electronic section of the piece that soon combines with the big orchestral parts to create this wonderful harmony of sounds. Lastly we get this scenic conclusion as dark and sinister strings carry us through the rest of a bleak and tense outro.


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