Equinity 04: Immersion | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

This ALL-OUT-ATTACK collab article for Equinity 04: Immersion is presented to you by Horse Music Herald and is co-written by DrakeEmberHeart, Luck Rock, Simon aka TheMadhatterbrony, Nevermourn, and TheCANderson.

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Definition of immersion

  • the act of immersing or the state of being immersed: such as
    a : absorbing involvement
    b : instruction based on extensive exposure to surroundings or conditions that are native or pertinent to the object of study.

(Start of Drake’s Part)

What can be said about the fourth installment of Equinity? Well, besides the fact that it’s the largest Equinity release yet, or the fact that this time around we have a balanced roster of musicians, from Equinity mainstays to brand new contributors. The talent on the album is scary good, and it pulls you in like the tide when you hear the opening mega collab “Immersion”. The album’s theme is that Jazzberry Jam is partaking in a deep water adventure; I guess trying to be a cat burglar did not pan out! LOL (Geez, I wonder why?) All jokes aside, as you dive in the deep waters of the Equestrian oceans looking for sunken treasure, you can hear amazing music blaring from Seaquestria as Queen Novo and her people are absolutely blasting this album! This album takes the meaning of Immersion to heart and expresses it in multitudinous ways through a plethora of genres. If D&B is your love there is a treasure trove waiting here for you. Orchestra? There are epic undersea deights to be found here. Songs that open your eyes to deeper meaning? Yup. With music that evokes the ocean and water itself, you can dive deep into the album and be immersed in a state of wonder by the beauty that you find. This album of 46 tracks will take you on a trip you will not soon forget. Myself, Luck Rock, Nevermourn, Simon aka TheMadhatterbrony, and TheCANanderson will be your tour guides as we each show you 5 tracks of pure brony music gems! But make no mistake! We’ve only highlighted some of our favorites, and the whole album is well-worth listening to. Now enough talk! Get your scuba gear and dive in with us!

(Drake’s Featured 5!)

Tw3Lv3 & 37 – Cafe De Neige | Liquid Drum & Bass

(translation: Snow Coffee)

As I stated before, D&B has a massive showing on this album, but we start with someone that knows how to express a vibe about anything through her approach to that genre. Tw3lv3 is no stranger to making chill and luscious pieces of music, and the idea behind this one is that your OC is sitting outside an inn in the snowy foothills of the crystal empire enjoying a warm coffee and watching the snowfall against the beauty of the colored lights of the sky. You hear the ponies around you enjoying themselves and that soft harmonious piano being played. It’s very soothing, and Tw3Lv3’s smooth and rad Drum and Bass comes into play, adding to the vibe of the song and making the mood more serene and deep. 37, one of the newcomers to the album, provides the soft and deep melodies, harmonies, and ambience that fuses with Tw3Lv3’s magic. It really works to make a magical scene and vibe.
This is what Tw3Lv3’s does, and it’s a joy to have it included here. Take this track with you on a nature walk or to the pub as the perfect compliment to the experience.

Launch Six – Slow Down (feat. WiLD.R) | Briddim/Hip-Hop

Man, where to start with this track besides that both of these guys have an impressive 5 entries combined on the album!

The story behind this track is pretty deep, and oh boy, before I get into the story, how about the fact that WiLD.R can throw down bars, and pretty dang smoothly, too. Wow. Like, I did know he had this vocal ability in him, BUT WAIT, there’s more! The lyrics are giant plays on words that call back to Six’s best songs he’s made for the fandom, Shrapnel, On Top, LockDown and The Edge. Those songs highlight his style of Briddim…BUT WAIT, there’s more! WiLD.R’s Let it Go is also in there. Also mixed into the hard drops of this track are references to this album, Doom, and other easter eggs. With all of that included, you know within the first few moments of when this song starts that this is going to be a giant meme. Yet within the lyrics there is deeper meaning to it all, and WiLD.R explains why he is going off with fire. We then turn to Launch Six, who provides some of his best aggressive bass drops he’s ever done! The beat and melodies give this track some serious in-your-face energy. It’s almost like Six is pulling out all the stops and having a lot of fun while bringing something very unique to the table. The finale of this track is like fireworks going off in a rumble. It’s so intense! Wow, really creative and smashing sound work here! I was told this song was special and these two wanted to have fun making it, and it’s such an impressive track that it caught me off guard and demanded to be highlighted. Launch Six told me that he wanted to make this track as a “send off” thank you to the brony fandom. He is branching out to fandoms like the furry fandom where he has also made a name for himself. He’s still going to make music for this fandom, just not as much as before, so please support him in whatever he does! If anything this track shows just how much talent both these musicians really have. It’s a GEM.

Dropper Vampire – Dystopia | Big Room House

Immerse yourself in another adventure of one Jazzberry Jam as she doesn’t find the wonders of Seaquestria but instead a post-apocalyptic undersea wasteland of hostile dangers as she has somehow changed realms. The start of this banger should clue you in to what she is in for. Dropper Vampire has been making noise in the fandom for some time, so it is no surprise to see him land his debut spot on Equinity. When this big energy is put into effect you are given a feeling of life threatening danger and a need to fight for survival with nopony else around to help. The haunting lyrics rain down harmonics and along with light bell tinkles create this sense that you must watch your flank because the horrors of the deep want your head for an undersea snack. When the drops happen–oh boy, where do you swim to save yourself?! The background sounds of the haunting, dark waters are simply spine chilling! As for the drops, its big danger vibes with bouncing and aggressive bass and high tones that giving you the feeling that you’re about to meet your end, and the little things like the xylophone tones and this blinging background melody that makes it sound like time is running out that will send your anxiety sky high as you hope that Jazzberry can get out alive! Such a fun and chilling banger from Dropper Vampire. Another amazing find on this album!

Ersillus – Dawn | Hybrid Orchestral

My my. If you are looking for tracks that go BIG, may I ask that you please turn your attention to the absolutely perfect blend of Big Room House’s energy immersing itself with a monstrous orchestral score. Ersillus has composed one of the most enigmatic and bold pieces on this album! I will tell you, it doesn’t disappoint in its execution. The origins of this track are rooted in the hope that’s at the core of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, as Ersillus found when he took a hard look at what really motivated him. The result? I will quote his words.

“Yes, the series definitely inspired me as well because the series taught me that no matter how bad it is, there will always be a dawn in your life.” -Ersillus.

As you listen to this track, I ask you to listen with your eyes closed. First, the dark aspects of this track are fueled by this deep and rumbling Big Room House melody sound that marches to this pulse of fighting back the negative and lonely darkness and not to have “thy flesh consumed” by it. Man, I will tell you, it’s a fight and some of the elements used with that booming and wubbing bass are so satisfying. Still, the core is this outstanding score composed by Ersillus that blends with the big room elements. Oh my world, it has such power and grace that you catch your breath when you hear the strings as violins create this feeling of Celestia bringing the sun up. And oh, those bass drums and electric guitar, the echoes of the bells, and the uplifting bassline that keeps building the fight vs. the darkness. It all works so well and then the song adds more big room punches as you try to overcome the odds to reach your goal! It is like Celestia herself is encouraging you to fight for everything worth living for. That whole point of this outstanding score is masterful and one of the very best on this album! Do not miss this one. WOW! One of my personal highlights!

Night Blaze – Alicornisation | Hybrid Orchestral

I want to tell all of you, without a doubt, this track is one of the selling points of this album, period. This track is such a good example of how Orchestra bronies do some of the most creative magic in the whole fandom! Wow, the layers of storytelling are spectacular. What is this track about, you ask after listening to this score? Celestia and Luna’s ascension into Alicorns–yes, what would be the story of how that came to pass! This track’s opening to around the 2:50 mark places the sisters in the same room where Twilight and Cadance will receive this power. The sisters see the deeds they have done in these scenes about saving their fellow ponies and bringing goodness into the world. The sisters see the evil they had fought, the crops they saved, the weather they held off, and the leadership they had shown. The melodies sell this with the environment they create with those epic keys. Those deep, powerful harmonies create this picture of Celestia and Luna wondering what is happening until this powerful magic takes hold of them! The dark ages of Alicornisation take effect, and as the music hits, this power surges through them, and the sisters harshly yell as amazing power is fused with their very souls. The strength of their sisterhood and the power within themselves creates this powerful scene of their ascension into a new force of hope and power; my god, the use of those echoing horns and those godly melodies create this picture of the sisters in the air transforming into new beings of hope! After seeing so much darkness and death because they were not strong enough to fight they could now at last stand against the darkest of evils and the harshest of trials.

As the mood changes and this smooth violin sets in with the score, the sisters’ cutie marks come from the sky and are granted to them; the sisters feel the pure magic and psychical strength they now have. The hope that they could now be for ponies brought them new fortitude. They knew what had to be done. They flew off to the land called Equestria, from where they had heard the tales of warring tribes of ponies in need of “friendship”. As this song plays out with this melody and power, Celestia and Luna are seen by the ponies of Equestria. The tribes understood that they must make peace since the wendigos had nearly made Equestria a wasteland of ice and snow. They made the sisters their rulers after getting a taste of their strength as they began destroying demons and other vile evils that had plagued the land. Celestia and Luna would help Equestria restore peace as they fought and destroyed evils such a Sombra, Discord, greedy power-hungry dragons, Tirek’s first reign of terror, bloody war with the changeling queen before Queen Chrysalis, and countless hordes of demons from the deepest pits of Tartarus. As the score fades, you, the listener, know that Celestia and Luna are Equestria’s hope and the one true weapon that brought Equestria to peace, economic strength, harmony, and most of all friendship. This is by far the most amazing piece of musical storytelling. YOU feel how Celestia and Luna felt throughout their trials and through becoming a source of hope for all ponies! By far my favorite track on this album…holy crap, it gave me so many chills. Night Blaze, this was incredible! The music was so epic with all the creative harmonies you used to tell this story; bravo!

Drake’s personal recommendations:

LaunchSix – Lone Wolf – Why not throw a mention to Six, who has an impressive 3 monster tracks on this album. This one is no different and is his most daring! This gem is a mix of his trademark Riddim mixed with this piano-filled Future Bass, The most unique of his tracks!

-LaunchSix x MrMehster – New Horizons – These two have come together with their styles and, my god, such insane power vibes from this track. A must listen!

-Steryotype – RecognizeDisJazz – What is Equinity without some smooth vibes from Steryotype? This track is smooth and sexy jazz with the fat sexy beats that he only can do.

-Silver Aura – Snowbound VIP – For those who loved how insanely good this track was on the Jalmans and Grey’s Snowbound EP, it’s been given the D&B treatment, and it’s a whole different beast!

Scraton – Veni Vidi Vici (Magic) [Cod3breaker Remix] – A future house remix of one of the very best Twilight Sparkle tracks in recent history, Cod3breaker gets a nod from me for the simple fact of taking Scraton’s already good stuff and giving it their own identity. A must listen.

-Khailber – Alienated – Khaliber is still a new face to the music scene, and this stylish track caught my attention with these[its] smooth and sexy Mideastern vibes and pleasing sounding baseline. This track screams style!

That will do it for me! Got to keep this movin’, so I tag in the one and only Nevermourn for his musical input on this album!

(End of Drake’s Part)

(Start of Nevermourn’s Part)

Thank you for starting us off, Drake! For those of you who might not know, Equinity has really started coming into its own over the few albums they have released since changing their name from Horse Music Central. The last 3 albums have really ramped up in quality and quantity, and all the music is really starting to shine. As there are a lot of Europeans in the community surrounding these albums, the DnB gang is in full force this album bringing out several absolutely wonderful tracks that any fan of the genre is going to love. Anyway, let’s dive in!

(Nevermourn’s Featured 5!)

Spikey Wikey – Basic Waves | Future Bass

A rather fitting title for the song, this song has very minimal sound design that complements its melodic content really well. Who knew that a few saw waves could carry so much emotion? I really like the arps and the more atmospheric square plucks that are present throughout the whole song; they really help tie the two separate sections together. About halfway through the song this really groovy bassline comes in and really makes you want to move.

Greyfade – Outcast (Single Purpose Remix) | Liquid Drum and Bass

Single Purpose is an absolute powerhouse in the pony drum and bass scene, and this song is no exception to his record. Remixing this smooth garage track from Ponies at Dawn: Ignite, Single Purpose has managed to create something that is pure bliss to listen to and makes you just want to melt into your chair. I love the use of a breathy atmosphere and the plucks and pianos to build something really rich. The mid basses are also really well designed and really help fill the space and atmosphere the track has built. Big ups for this track!

GrazySmash – Obscurity | Bass House

I really like how Grazy sets up the tone for his tracks. He always has a great choice of sound design that really ties a track together, and this song really shows that off. I love the brass stabs and lead lines that build up to the first drop; they really set how dark this track is going to be. I love the use of layering and doubling in the drop sections, and it truly sounds amazing. There’s some excellent use of arpeggios in the breaks, and the second drop brings out the bouncy and plucky basslines we’re used to hearing from Grazy.

Greyfade – Waterfall | Future Garage

Greyfade’s garage tracks are always amazing to listen to. What’s not to love with chill drums and smooth basslines? The plucky melody and atmosphere in this song really bring out this feeling of yearning, and the vocals in the track really help bring all the emotions to a head and really help to tie it all together. I have to say the build of this track has to be my favorite from the album. The way the atmosphere, bassline, drums, and finally melody all come in really helps to raise the emotion levels perfectly into the break section where the vocals come in.

Budzy x Canvas – Darklight | Liquid Drum and Bass

What an absolute thriller of a track. Canvas is no stranger to pony drum and bass, and Budzy has really started to shine as he explores more into the melodic styles of music, and this track is a shining example of both of their work. This song has really euphoric melodic elements with some beautiful vocal chops all complemented by smooth drums and basslines. All of this is wrapped up by some blissful atmospheric sections that really round this song out as an amazing finisher for such a good album.

Nevermourn’s personal recommendations:

TCB – Only One (Tw3Lv3 Remix) – Coming off Tw3lv3’s Simp EP, this track is a great DnB spin on a song by my close friend TCB.

Tw3Lv3 – Mango Juice (feat. Mizuki) – A nice vibey Future Bass track, and I love the video game samples.
Steryotype – RecognizeDisJazz – Steryo is really good at chill hip-hop instrumentals, and this song is pure vibes.
PSFMer – Coffee Beans – A really beautifully produced drumfunk track that I just can’t get enough of. Some very classic sounds in this one.
Silver Aura – Snowbound VIP – I really liked the original Snowbound, and this is a great DnB take on the original song.

There’s so much good music on this album, it’s so hard to pick just a few songs to cover, and we’ve barely scratched the surface so far. Now without further ado, I’m going to pass the baton off to theCANderson to keep this article rolling along.

(End of Nevermourn’s Part)

(Start of TheCANderson’s Part)

Hey everypony! Big thanks to Drake for pulling all of this together and kicking off this article, and thanks also to Nevermourn for that fantastic analysis! Most importantly, of course, I would like to thank all of the artists that lent their talents to the album! WHAT AN ALBUM! So many ridiculously talented musicians contributed amazing tracks! When it came time to decide which songs to write about, I did my best to narrow it down to five tracks that I thought did a great job speaking to the theme of the album. Each of these artists took a very different approach, and it was a joy to listen to each of these creative achievements. Without further ado, let’s get into the songs!

(Chris’s Featured 5!)

Skron – Paradise | Dubstep
Imagine you’re heading to a beautiful tropical island for what should be an amazing getaway, but your friends have filled your head with doubts about the ponies who live there and how safe the island is, and suddenly the prospects of paradise start to take a sinister turn in your mind. Inspired by the G3 Episode “Ponies in Paradise”, this track melds shimmery melodies and Skron’s wonderful vocals with some delightfully hard-edged dubstep to establish the tension between natural realities and imagined dangers. The chill opening puts the listener on approach to the island with rumbling, chiming synths and some nice ambient effects before the melody kicks in with some laid back percussion. Skron’s vocals work so well here to establish the story, and the song shifts from its calm opening to a more tense delivery by layering in elements and eventually launching into the dubstep when the protagonist is gripped by their fears. When the song shifts back to a calmer delivery the strings, synths, and doubt-racked lyrics keep the atmosphere tense. It’s compelling narrative delivered through lovely arrangements and progressions, and I can’t wait for the lyric video!

TotalSpark – Shattered | Future Bass
Sometimes emotions can be more immersive than anything physical as TotalSpark proves on this wonderful track. This fantastic Luna-themed song (YouTube link) describes a character that has certainly been through her share of difficult times but always pulls through with the help of friends and by virtue of her own strength. TotalSpark’s wonderful vocals sweetly deliver this relatable story of being lost in the darkness of personal struggles but wanting to push through and improve. The song has a chill but emotionally charged delivery, balancing a light melody and percussion with yearning vocals, and the result is a delicate, plucky, and heartfelt composition. A wonderful message and delivery!

Mr. Sunset – Voda | Future Bass / House
The English translation for “Voda” is “Water”, and I thought that no track recreated the spirit of water itself better than Mr. Sunset (a.k.a. (Insane) Domi) does with this track. In Domi’s words, the track represents “nature in its complexity, its ever-changing shape and endless beauty” and how over time the world around us is created, destroyed, and morphs into new things. The gentle melody and arps drop the listener into the flowing stream of life that picks up speed as the song increases in intensity before the drop sends you tumbling through cataclysmic change. Eventually the turbulence subsides, and the song chills out as a calm version of the main theme, gentle percussion, and ambient effects drift the listener along through a period of peace. But life is never static, and soon the rhythmic synths pulse and surge as creation wears away unceasingly at some unseen boundary before the song gently drifts off. Nature has moved on, but you’ll probably want to press replay.

Nevermourn – Summertime Memories | Liquid Drum & Bass
Get immersed in notalgia thanks to this sweet track by Nevermourn! A nod to their stellar track “Azure”, which Nevermourn described as “Sitting on AJ’s porch after a nice long day towards the end of the summer, staring up at the azure sky and thinking back on the season,” “Summertime Memories” pulls the listener into a mellow soundscape awash in yearning. The -s u p e r w i d e- bass and gentle melodies have an air of warmth and introspection to them. There’s a delicate wonder, beauty, and melancholy throughout that’s pushed along by the energetic bassline and steady percussion that reminded me of the fleeting nature of carefree times. I especially enjoyed the chiming of the music box juxtaposed with the sound of children playing halfway through the song and also taking us to the close of this wonderful atmospheric track. Bliss.

Proto_ssin & GrazySmash – Depth (Part One) | Trance
Inspired by the emotional distress of a beloved character, this truly immersive track (YouTube link) takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster. Opening with the rumbling gurgle of the depths of their psyche, the track quickly establishes an ethereal ambience thanks to its lovely, pensive synths and strings supported by the delightful rumble. The percussion picks up steam as the track progresses, shifting from a tense passage to a brief, mellow passage before the tension ratchets up again thanks to some wonderful arps and choir melodies. A pulsing synth line adds to the atmosphere, and the song just keeps layering in elements before completing its urgent arrangement. There is a moment of respite after a brief drop off, but then things pick back up, more echoey and melancholic than before. In the end, we’re left hanging in this unresolved moment, but the journey through this fantastic track is worth it!

Other personal recommendations:
Budzy x Canvas – “Darklight”, a lush, vibrant soundscape that masterfully balances chill moments with urgent insistence. The last drop gives me chills.
Juice Box & Jalmaan – “Deep End”, a contained explosion of frenetic energy that is pure audio caffeine.
Jalmaan – “Sarcophagus”, a dark, bouncy, textural joy with a great vibe and energy.
Rin3e – “First Autumn Days”, which embodies its title with a slow burning, mellow vibe and lovely ambiance.
Greyfade – “Waterfall”, an emotionally immersive track that blends mellow melodies and bass with ambient effects.

Alright, that’s enough out of me! Simon, take it away!

(End of TheCANderson’s Part)

(Start of Simon’s Part)

Well, here we go! Firstly, I want to thank Drake for getting me on the team and theCANderson for showing us these awesome articles. Secondly, OH MY GOD, THIS IS AWESOME! This album is filled to the brim with fantastic music ranging through all sorts of genres; from amazing Bounce to Pop to orchestral pieces, this album has it all. My featured five are geared towards showing you what this album brings to the table, but don’t be fooled–everything, no matter if it’s featured or not, is purely amazing!

(Simon’s Featured 5!)

Awkward Marina – Anthropology (BlackIceMusicRemix) | Melbourne Bounce
BlackIceMusic brings us another awesome Bounce remix, and this time it’s the fandom classic “Anthropology” by Akward Marina. The song starts out with the beat we all know and love, and as the vocals set in we hear the first of BlackIceMusic’s amazing work. As it fully sets in this remix reveals its true form with an amazing melody that stays true to the original but is still its very own special thing. After that we get a build up that combines the lyrics from the original version on a loop with the fun Melbourne Bounce beat, and then the drop happens. Oh sweet Celestia, this drop…if you thought that you had already heard the best this remix has to offer, you’re very wrong. This drop is an indescribably fun explosion of amazing bounce melody that once again stays true enough to the original version that you can hear the original beat in it but is a masterpiece of its own. A little bit later on (after you’ve jumped your soul out in the drop) the lyrics set back in, but it’ll still take a few seconds for the beat to calm down. After the beat calms down we get this lovely beat made mostly out of snapping and some of the original piano melody, but it quickly gets more powerful and fuller again. We soon get another build up with looped vocals, but we don’t immediately get to the drop; instead we start with some lovely Bon Bon vocal chops before the beat explodes again, once more combining the amazing Bounce melody with some of the lyrics of the original. After that the beat calms down one last time and we get the last few lyrics in a combination of awesome original melody and awesome synth. We end the whole thing on the “Schhh” we all know and love from the original.

Skyshard, Lectro Dub, Studio Quinn, Li & Learn, Zelizine – Beneath The Sea | Shoegaze

For this next song we have Skyshard collaborating with a bunch of other people to make a deep and powerful track. Since this song has very deep and meaningful lyrics I’ll do what I’ve done a few times before and talk about the lyrics later on in an extra part. The song starts out with a beautiful melody and almost immediately the vocals of Zelizine and Liv & Learn begin, accompanied throughout by the calming melody of the instrumental that builds up a bit in the first verse, especially in the second half, and for the chorus where it explodes in a plethora of soft yet powerful instruments. In between the chorus and verse two we get a short part where we only get to hear the awesome and powerful instrumental. When the second part of verse two starts the instrumental calms down for a second only to return even more powerful. Even as the chorus sets in the instrumental doesn’t calm down, continuously riding on this high. As we get to the bridge we first get a build up, but then the instrumental nearly fades out completely only leaving a small fragment to support the amazing voice talent. Later on the new beat is built upon a bit more by different instruments and a small build up as it returns to its previous, powerful state of amazingness, and we keep with that until the fadeout at the end.
Okay! That covers the instrumental portion. Now, on to the lyrics!
The lyrics talk about a pony in depression, describing it as this dark sea in the pony’s mind and the friend that is trying to help them out. The song talks about making amends and about reaching out, about sinking into this deep sea (of depression) and about drowning in it, but this song also tells you that you’re not alone, not in your life and not in this dark sea. Even if you struggle to recognize it there are friends in your life who appreciate you to an extent you can’t even imagine, friends who are willing to stay with you forever.

7th Stive – Blazed | Dark Techno
This next song is a stunning Dark Techno track by 7th Stive, and oh sweet Celestia, this one has it in it! The song starts out with a dark mysterious beat that quickly adds in more elements as it builds up more and more. We don’t really get a drop–after some static the entire song changes, and we get this stunning techno melody, but after some more static we get the real thing with an amazing and full beat that just grips you and won’t let you go. A bit later on the song calms down returning to a previous, slower beat before the static once again replaces the music. We then get another iteration of the melody which gives us this amazing progression throughout the entire song, and we’re not quite done with that, either! Once again the beat and melody switch to another previous part (the one we’ve heard all the way at the beginning of this masterpiece), and as static heralds another beat change we once return to the full, amazing melody, and that’s also what we end on.

BL1KNY – Speedpaint | Glitch Hop
With “Speedpaint” BL1NKY brings us another of his awesome Glitch Hop creations, and with this one he hits it out of the park once again! The song starts out with an amazing melody that couldn’t be more BL1NKY–he has this distinct sound to his music that I just adore, this videogame-y sound, and he pretty much uses it throughout the entire song. Soon another beats join in, and after a small build up the drop begins and the song reaches unknown heights of awesomeness. A bit later on the track calms down just a slight bit, and we are treated to a closer listen to the drums employed throughout his masterpiece. As everything picks up once more we get a slightly different (but no less amazing) variation of the drop. After that we return to the drop we’ve heard once before until the song calms down a bit more, and this time get a closer listen into the different synths employed in the track. We then quickly return once more to 120% as we get back to the other drop we’ve heard before. We end this entire thing on some more beautiful melodic awesomeness.

Ebunix – Fallstreak | Drum & Bass/Neurofunk
Ebunix brings us the wonderful DnB piece that is “Fallstreak”. The track starts out with a slightly muffled melody that becomes clearer over time and seems to get closer to us. As more elements join in, the melody itself becomes completely clear, and the song slowly builds up until a small ramp up leads us to the drop. The drop is an explosion of fun, fast and funky DnB melodies after which the beat calms down a bit again. While the beat is calmer we get this simple yet fantastic melody that quickly changes to some harder beats. After that we once more return to the amazing drop, which we also end on.

Apart from these 5 songs I also heavily recommend you check out the following tracks:

WiLD.R – “Rising”, a lovely Pop/Alternative Rock song about pushing on no matter what happens and breaking out of your chains
Cod3breaker – “Diving On My Own”, an amazing Electro House track about knowing what you yourself are worth and the need to figure some things out on your own
Hiveminds – “Challenger Deep”, a stunning Psytrance track named after the deepest known point of the ocean
Voltex Pixel – “Eastern”, an upbeat, happy Big Room House track to just vibe to
Dropper Vampire – “Dystopia”, a fun Big Room House track that just gets you jumping

And now I pass it over to Luck to show you some more awesome music!

(End of Simon’s Part)

(Start of Luck’s Part)

Thanks, Simon! For a while, there were only a couple compilation albums in this fandom that were able to survive past one or two releases and provide a good sense of consistent quality. Equinity has earned its place as a compilation that you should get excited for! The fourth installment, Immersion, is a great mishmash of recognizable veteran artists and new producers you will want to keep an eye on. The 46-track album spans the gamut of musical genres, so you can be sure that there is something for everyone here. Five of the tracks that stuck out to me are as followed:

(Luck’s Featured 5)

SP1TF1R3 – Insecta Regno | Melbourne Bounce

Even though this track shows up later in the album, SP1TF1R3 kicks the insanity up a couple levels with this intense, Chrysalis-themed bounce track. The super punchy kicks and forward, wailing synth fuel the energy that defines this track (and the genre). With the angry Chrysalis chops on top, it is impossible not to get hyped and bop along with this standout banger.

The Empty Tomb – INSECT | Complextro

Sneaking in right after Insecta Regno, The Empty Tomb fires back with their own changeling-inspired theme. The Equinity projects and art have always given off a sci-fi/battle kind of vibe, and INSECT is the perfect soundscape for a fight. Combining Chrysalis’ chops and demonic laugh with the upbeat tempo and imposing synth patterns, you get thrown into an intense battlescape. The track also utilizes a somber, drooping chime part which gives the style some diversity and adds a mournful component to the song to really round out the emotion and complexity of the composition.

Voltex Pixel – Eastern | House

Focusing on a more worldly style, Voltex Pixel contributes this Eastern kind of feel. The track features a great opening melody which transitions into a great build and hard-hitting rhythmic drops. The whole piece exudes excellent energy control, knowing just when to introduce interesting melodies, when to slap you in the face with the floor-filling drops, and the best kinds of buildups in between.

Tw3Lv3 – Mango Juice (feat. Mizuki) | Kawaii Bass

Tw3lv3 has really made a name for herself in the last year for creating songs that keep it pretty simple and give off amazing vibes! Mango Juice is a cute track with a simple hip-hop/trap beat to keep things moving, a very processed synth to add a bit of melody, and a lot of fun sound effects and chops to keep it fun. The components are very well mixed and Mizuki adds some of the fun words and effects to keep the vibe positive and silly.

PSFMer – Coffee Beans | Drumfunk
Working heavily in the drum & bass genre, PSFMer always has something that takes their track an extra step above the others. The soundscape in Coffee Beans is large and ambient, filled in with Twilight chops of exploration and wonder. Listening to this track, it is easy to feel like you are in a cinematic dream of a wide open space, looking around. The almost jungle-style drums keep you on your toes and add a lot of life and a bit of tension to the track, creating a gorgeous balance of tension and wonder.

There are a lot of great tracks on Equinity 04 that I didn’t get to touch on in this piece (for a lot of them, it is because other people wanted to explain them above because they are so good!) My recommendation for five more tracks which I haven’t discussed would be:

-Anthropology (BlackIceMusic remix)
-Dystopia by Dropper Vampire
-Challenger Deep by Hiveminds
-Alicornisation by Night Blaze
-Dawn by Ersillus

Now we go back to Drake to wrap it all up!

What a tour, huh? Did you enjoy all these amazing wonders you found during this undersea adventure? We hope that we opened your eyes to some of the talent we hoped you would enjoy and follow. As I thank my colleagues for their hard work, I would like to leave you with one more thing: Not only would these brony musicians be thrilled with your support of them, but they would also like you to know that your purchase of Equinity 04 will support the “Coronavirus children’s crisis appeal” charity. (Info here!) That’s a big Win-Win for you, getting all of this great music and helping children in this time of need! What are you waiting for? However, as always, this Qilin and my buddies ask you to judge for yourself!


3 thoughts on “Equinity 04: Immersion | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    Well, this was the largest and most diverse album from Equinity. 🙂 It had a lot of variety and well-put-together tracks that show the respective artists’ commitment and passion for their music and making it for the fandom they love. 🙂 I give kudos to them all, and great job on you, Drake, and all of those who wrote down their pieces on particular tracks and other tracks they recommend.

    Well done artists and all involved with this massive article! An album this big needed it, and I think you all pulled it off. 🙂

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