Jyc Row – Ardenu, Queen of Flames | Orchestral

Ardenu, Queen of Flames is the newest track from Jyc Row’s Primordial Pantheon EP, which is very closely tied to Infinite Eclipse as a bit of a prequel. With this song, he takes us away from the dramatic tension of some of his previous tracks like Midnight Sparkle, the Dark Angel, Harmony of Chaos or Together Against the Sisters, and into a more worldly sound like Jyc visited in his Heroes EP. This piece centers of the Queen of Flames, a regal Alicorn. Her theme is Asian inspired (reminiscent of Jyc’s song Beauty) with epic orchestral passages mixed with a few slower parts and chanting. Jyc Row obviously went all out on this piece, and together with the amazing artwork it makes for a worthy theme to a Queen!


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