Jyc Row – Chrysalis’ Revenge (feat. IbeConCept) (Malachi Mott remix) | Big Room House

Welcome back to some more amazing EDM, everypony! As part of his Remixes Album, Jyc Row got Malachi Mott to remix a song that I bet a bunch of you didn’t have on your radar anymore! Let’s break down this track to fully appreciate how amazing this remix is:

We start out with a quick guitar that sounds like it’s ushering in an orchestral piece, which is funny considering neither the original nor the GalaCon VIP was orchestral. We venture into EDM territory as IbeConCept’s vocals set in, and an amazing clapping rhythm starts building hype – but sidesteps expectations. As the clapping crescendos, the instrumental goes silent, and a small, harmonic voice of IbeConCept goes absolutely wild with his rapping. Malachi builds on the rapping and morphs it into a vocal build up that shoots us straight into a nice big room drop. You can tell that he put a lot of effort into the drop with the evil-yet-upbeat melody carrying us straight into EDM heaven! A simpler instrumental plays, allowing the vocals to once again shine. The final drop has a fuller sound that makes you miss it when it’s over!

Article proofread by theCANderson, send him some love!


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