Skyshard – A Dawn for a New Destiny (Boutique of Rarities: The Demo Session Vol 1.) | Electronic/Orchestral

This release from Skyshard is a little different. Originally an unreleased track from two years prior, A Dawn for a New Destiny is now part of a “Demo Sessions” volume; The Boutique of Rarities: The Demo Session Vol 1. to be specific.

A Dawn for a New Destiny is a piece with a hauntingly clockwork feel to it with a music box taking the center stage followed with strong and tense crescendos and falls of strings and even some subtle crunchy noise to add some additional intrigue and flare. The climax has definitely given me a couple chills!

Another highlight from this collection would be the Dune 3 Sequences. The buttery Smoothness of the synths and constantly evolving nature really stands out to me and how the three of them feel connected in a sense is just a really cool feature of this volume that I HAD to point out.

Beneath The Sea’s’ early draft is a neat piece as well, very ambient in design with a strong yet subtle piano presence and a very mysterious, sci-fi feel. Constantly progressing and you can feel the darkness and wetness seeping everywhere!

Inspired by the good old days of getting the gang together to record a few tapes, ship it off to a label and cry over the wasted time and money when it gets rejected. Filled with a whopping fifty tracks of assorted origin! Ranging from everything from early concepts to live synthesis performances, memes, cancelled EPs, alternate versions or full rejected songs, this sessions volume has a bit of everything! There’s even a strange ambient piece called ‘Let your ears take it” which Skyshard can’t even deduce what its purpose is!


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