Skyshard – Hearth’s Warming Stories Vol 2: Skyshard in the Multigenre of Madness (Special Pony Edition) | Album | Multi-Genre

Editor’s note: better 2 months late than never!

Suppose you want to talk about a musician who has been on the move. Innovating herself, experimenting, and ever-expanding on her musical talents. Skyshard is known for her abilities in the orchestra brony community, highlighted by making a splash in 2021 with her impressive string of compilation album releases!

Hearth’s Warming Stories Vol 2 shows a different side to her talent pool. Building on her composing talents, we’re treated to a musical dive into mixing her orchestral core with various genres. The tracks are tongue-in-cheek tales of Twilight and her friends trying to plan a late Hearthswarming party highlighted by the Mane 6 poking fun at the brony music community with an amusing use of mane six speaking through as a bonus feature in this version!

(Read about some select choices of songs after the break)

Shattered Rainbows: Would like you like a side of metal with your orchestra? In a fine display of guitar grooves in tribute to SlightlyAmiss, Skyshard takes up the role of Rainbow Dash in a wide array of guitar melodies to expand on her range of talent. It’s a pleasant surprise if you were not expecting this from her; it’s quite the ride for your ears!

Last Train to Canterlot: Harmonizing is the vibe here as mane set off for Canterlot. Skyshard’s bread and butter are proudly displayed to all in this track. Close your eyes, relax with mane six on a long train ride. Feel those melodies that embody what the world of Equestria offers through the soft, pleasant display of pianos, strings, and these fabulous blissful chimes. They are bound to make your mood better than it was beforehand!

This is only a taste for the rest of the album, that’s waiting for you! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. You can also listen to the album and download it via Skyshard’s Bandcamp!


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