Many years ago, long before the herald existed, two guys called Edd and Jimmy formed a band called AcousticBrony. They created a series of themes for the Mane 6 which gained legendary status among the fandom, but it was incomplete; only 4 of the 6 themes were released! As time went by and AcousticBrony became RE:MAKE, it appeared the full set would never be complete…until now.

It’s incredibly refreshing, not just to hear the final 2 songs in the Elements series, but the whole set re-worked and re-recorded, with new life brought to all the existing tracks. The entire album was produced by PrinceWhateverer, so Generosity, Laughter, Kindness and particularly Loyalty (which is now over 10 years old!) now sound better than ever!

As for the two brand new songs, the fit perfectly alongside the original four and it’s clear that RE:MAKE’s songwriting has only improved over the years. Honesty sets a record for the fastest song on the album (sorry Dash) and, of course, has some fantastic banjo courtesty of DivinumX. And much like the album’s namesake, Magic unites the others, making callbacks to the motifs of all six song in the series.

ELEMENTS is available to purchase on Bandcamp or stream on various services.


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