Various Artists – trīgintā [EP] | Electronic

“Trīgintā” is a word in Latin that means “Thirty”. This EP is a mix of old and new from Brilliant Venture and friends that reflects on the past thirty years of his life and this fandom, with optimism for what the future holds. Its a wonderful mixed bag of goods including an original piece, remix, and a mashup!

NeighGative_ Vs. Brilliant Venture (Feat. Gothetika, MathematicPony, & @pplebukker) – 3​,​000 Years [Original Mix]

“For every decade I live…1,000 years passes in my mind, body, and soul.”

This song is a journey from Venture’s past thirty years filled with memories, influence, and emotions. This song is a great group project between friends, opening with a blend of guitar runs, chiptune and a rush of electronic energy great for any festival! There’s plenty of progression and a myriad of evolution this piece goes through, namely during the second breakdown where we’re greeted with a ballad of sorts with a satisfyingly elegant piano melody and accompanying that, crisp and emotional guitar work done by MathematicPony and @pplebukker respectively!

Daniel Ingram (Feat. Lena Hall) – The Spectacle (Brilliant Venture’s Rawr Rage VIP Tool)

A VIP/DJ Tool of his original remix, this one has been slowly picked at over the years and is a bit of an interesting listen as it aims to retain the original remix’s integrity while modernizes the mix as a whole.

A seamless blend of old and new, blending electronic synergy with iconic and diverse sounds from years past with a strong and fun breakbeat switch up, a modern sheen and cleanliness on a song that’s just as powerful in its message. If you’re looking for something broad and diverse, here it is!

Daniel Ingram vs. Zedd vs. Brilliant Venture – I Want You To Know I’m Invisibly Moving On [Mashup]

Rounding out the end of the EP is a mashup of “Invisible” From Equestria Girls’ “Forgotten Friendship” Special, Zedd’s “I Want You To Know” and Venture’s own “Moving On From Yesterday”. In fact he was inspired to make this mashup after listening to SU Mashups’ take on this idea!

Even if you don’t know the name, ‘I Want You To Know’ has most definitely graced your presence at some point and it works shockingly well with ‘Invisible’, a perfect blend of pop, nostalgia, and electronic music; what’s more to love? Venture’s “Moving On From Yesterday” adds extra complexity with its iconic vocal chops. What’s truly incredible however, is just how seamless the mix is. If you didn’t know what to look for, you wouldn’t know this is three different songs, it’s that good!


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