[P@D] L-Train, 4EverfreeBrony & Koa – Battle Royale | Electro Swing

Day and Night meet in an epic showdown! This culmination of “Daybreaker Boogie” and “Paint the Moon Red” is featured as track 7 on the new Ponies at Dawn album Zenith and boasts sassy, cleverly-written lyrics, funky instrumentals by L-Train, powerful vocals from 4EverfreeBrony and Koa (reprising their roles as Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon, respectively), and a groovy swing that you can’t help but dance (or at least bop your head along) to. Keep your ears open for a melodic callback to “Paint the Moon Red”, namedrops of the two previous P@D albums on which the aforementioned predecessor tracks were featured (Ignite and Eclipse), and even a SpongeBob SquarePants reference.

What happens when these two celestial rivals butt heads? Take a listen!


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