Daniel Ingram – Time to Be Awesome (EveryDayDashie Remix) | Dubstep

The jack-of-all-genres EveryDayDashie brings us an orchestral dubstep remix of this iconic song from the 2017 movie. From the first hard-hitting note to RD’s modified vocals you know you’re in for a unique ride. The buildup will have you headbanging, and it only gets more intense from there. Keep an ear out for the fiddle, at which point the track really takes off. That combined with the G5 voice clips (in a G4 song!) really help to accentuate the rebellious spirit of the original track. You definitely won’t regret giving this one a listen!


4everfreebrony – Bright Eyes (A Wonky Anthem) Cover4everfreebrony | Pop

A cover of Bright Eyes (A Wonky Anthem) by Ponky & Eccentrifuge, 4EFB’s beautiful vocals shine through with a warm and inviting glow as he serenades the listener about Best Pony. This version features an all-new backing track recording with piano that starts off really sweet, followed by a guitar that hits you by stepping up the intensity of the song and making you move and sing along! Both instruments sound as if they could have been performed live in front of you. Additionally, it features the vocal talents of Latent Logic, Thrack, Sweet R Song, Ocean Breeze, SonicSuns, and DaWillstanator in the last chorus.

If you liked the original, you’ll love this cover. If you haven’t heard the original song yet, definitely go check it out and then come back for this fantastic cover.


TheHeatRush – Great To Be Different Ft. Synthfox (Covering Forest Rain) | Alt Rock

A true fandom classic! This cover comes complete with an original instrumental composed specifically for the track. From the moment the more prominent horn section first hits your ears, you know you’re in for Something Special (see what I did there?). TheHeatRush‘s vocals are clean, strong, and easy to listen to, while Derpy’s goosebumps-inducing vocals (supplied by Synthfox) are enough to make your heart melt. This remake stays faithful to Forest Rain’s original song (a must-listen, especially if you’ve never heard it before) while adding an original flair, reminding you that you’re listening to a unique arrangement. The harmony at the end of the track is beautiful, the perfect end to an already amazing composition.


[P@D] L-Train, 4EverfreeBrony & Koa – Battle Royale | Electro Swing

Day and Night meet in an epic showdown! This culmination of “Daybreaker Boogie” and “Paint the Moon Red” is featured as track 7 on the new Ponies at Dawn album Zenith and boasts sassy, cleverly-written lyrics, funky instrumentals by L-Train, powerful vocals from 4EverfreeBrony and Koa (reprising their roles as Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon, respectively), and a groovy swing that you can’t help but dance (or at least bop your head along) to. Keep your ears open for a melodic callback to “Paint the Moon Red”, namedrops of the two previous P@D albums on which the aforementioned predecessor tracks were featured (Ignite and Eclipse), and even a SpongeBob SquarePants reference.

What happens when these two celestial rivals butt heads? Take a listen!


Nyanakaru – Someone Like You | Corrido Tumbado

Nyanakaru (a.k.a. Nyancat380) brings us something a bit different than their usual flair. “Someone Like You” has an almost relaxing vibe that lures you into a false sense of ease as the lyrics initially sound like a love song. Don’t get too relaxed though, as there’s a twist which the chilling artwork by Highroller alludes to. The mixing puts you in the center of the band as the instrumentals immerse your ears, switching between surround sound with different instruments in each ear and a single more monotone guitar, all while maintaining an old-timey phonographic vibe. This track is RariJack to the extreme and, while slightly creepy, is still a bop worth listening to.

Raramena, anyone?


PrinceWhateverer – Shallow Naivety 2022 ft. Frozen | Metal

A household name with an orchestral twist! PrinceWhateverer and Frozen Night bring us an emotional track about King Sombra’s relationship with Princess Celestia that fans of the IDW comics will especially appreciate. Keep an ear out for the drum solos as well as the orchestral breakdown by Frozen Night, which beautifully contrasts with the heavy guitar that Prince is known for, putting Sombra and Celestia’s heartbreak front and center. Add to that the wonderful animation by Nootaz, and you have a collaboration that’s definitely worth a watch!