[P@D] L-Train – Horizon | Metal

If you’re savoring some tasty and brutal metal, then one of the cornerstones of brony metal wishes to deliver! Nightmare Moon’s emotion speaks with every fiber of this composition. Those instruments build up with the drama and rage; the drums add just the exemplary brutality to the mood. The return of Nightmare Moon? Those lyrics tell us just how patient she is, watching and waiting to return and strike vengeance. It’s not metal from L-Train without that guitar solo to convey that sentiment. But, if you listen closely, you hear all the little things L-Train has done to enhance his sound over the years, the elements that make his music storytelling a step above the rest. P@D Zenith is full of what the brony metal scene is about, and this is just one of many on this album! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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