Biscuit – PAY YOUR PENANCE | Metal

Metal is such a perfect storytelling medium for a character like Spout. Biscuit, who is making a splash for themselves in the brony metal scene, ideally takes the actions of Spout and turns the up-in-your-face emotion and elements of Metal. The intensity of flow from Spout’s total transformation from a jealous insecure brat to a hateful tyrant is solid. Especially the little bits of Sunny and Hitch’s insight in the lyrics. It is a much more serious take on spouts actions which adds a needed edge to the story in contrast to the comedic dumb tyrant presentation of Spout in the G5 movie. Plus, be sure to listen to the end as it adds weight to Spout’s relation of how dire his action was. Powerful stuff!. Keep an eye on Biscuit’s work, friends! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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