Khaliber, Kholat & Keisha Sounds – Rocketship (feat. Odyssey Eurobeat & Drummershy) | Melodic DnB

The meaning of this track may not be so apparent at first. But when it comes to the spirit of the musician community of the brony fandom, the hunger for all of this new talent is coming into our fandom is unquestionable! Khaliber has bought in some friends to express that in this track. Brony music legend Odyssey Eurobeat and brony drummer ace Drummershy lend their talents to this message along with Keisha Sounds and Kholat. The lyrics are about never losing your love for making music; that newer musicians don’t always get their work noticed, but that never should stop you from making the craft you love. The melody of momentum sounds off in this hyper beat of energy, and live drums feed into this thanks to Drummershy! Odyssey’s voice adds fire to the lyrics’ message, along with Keisha’s vocals bringing uplifting vibes. To all musicians in this fandom trying to get noticed, this song is for you! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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