[P@D] Jyc Row & Sofia Session Choir – Praise Nerath (voc. Samantha Minor, vln. Maria Grigoryeva) | Orchestral / Choral

Do you want a composition score that is beautiful but gives you such a sinister chill down your spine, with such foreboding and haunting emotions? Yet given how epic and downright evil this sounds, the music provides you pure goosebumps of terror. Armed with a full choir (35 singers strong in the Sofia Session Choir!), this track on P@D: Zenith is a prime example of how to do a villain song. The overwhelming feeling of dread and nightmares seep into your very being as you listen to all the basses, strings, and chilling violin. The vocals bring it together with one message: “Praise the nightmare queen or else!” This track is another feather in the cap of the orchestral brony community on this album! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


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