[P@D] BlackIceMusic & Namii – Memory | Future Bounce

The king of Pony Bounce is back! For Ponies at Dawn’s latest album, “Zenith” BlackIceMusic brings us yet another fire Future Bounce song, and this time around we’re graced with the gorgeous voice of Namii delivering the catchy lyrics!
This track is fire from the very beginning with a banger intro that features some small vocal chops and a lot of umpf before a little break sends us straight into the first verse. Here Namii‘s incredible voice takes center stage as the kick in the beat disappears completely for a bit before coming back later to tease the build up a little. The build up starts up as you’d expect with the drums building as our drop melody slowly comes in, and some more amazing vocal chops spice things up. Next we get to the drop, which is Future Bounce perfection! We get a vocal fill right as the build up ends that shoots us straight into what is a partially lyric-supported drop; we get a fire melody that makes you get up and dance; and we get a kick that’ll punch you into next Tuesday! As the drop slowly fades Namii’s lovely vocals ease us into Verse 2. For the second build up we go a different route, and instead of the usual drum build, the big kicks start straight away, creating a sort of “drop before the drop”, before we move into the actual drop that hits just as hard as the first one, getting you up and dancing like you never knew you could! Finally we end this banger track in a gorgeous outro, supported by a few more vocal chops.

For the first time in a while, this article was proofread by theCANderson, so go send him some love!


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