The Wilders – Let’s Make Our Mark Together (PONE177 Remix) | House

We all knew it was gonna happen, so here comes PONE177 with a remix of what seems to be our new theme song for this generation! Starting out this track with what is almost the melody of the G4 intro, this remix comes right out the gates with the connection between the two generation, and with fun vocal chops it sends us straight into the first few bits of Lyrics, supported by a fun synth melody we march straight towards a build up set to more lyrics before jumping straight into a at first fully instrumental drop, that later is joined by the vocals and just gets you jumping! And right in the next verse we get a fun rhythm of ships to support the lyrics before switching back to more instrumental. Next up a drum and vocal build sends us into another very fun drop full of new generation sweetness! And we end this whole thing on sort of a mini drop as a sweet finisher.
This track may be on the longer end with 5 minutes, but is definitely worth fully listening through!


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