[P@D] Whirly Tail – Who I Could Be (feat. MathematicPony) | Hands Up

Rainbow Dash is a character with some of the most electrifying and entertaining music in the history of this music community. Music about her goals, her flighting spirit, her dreams, and her loyalty to her friends. You name it, some of the fandom’s most iconic songs are about her. Music that is high energy gets your blood pumping or your adrenaline going.

However, it has a track about who RD is as a character at its very foundation ever been done? Strap in for this one on P@D: Zenith because it has now. Close your eyes as you hear MathematicPony sings the purest vocals you hear about RD. Everything she is at her core is sung in the most inspiring manner; the lyrics embody RD’s defiance to beat the odds, A theme present throughout FiM. You can say Dashe’s desires to be the very best, but what gets shortsighted all too much is RD’s love for the skies, her home, Where her confidence indeed shows, A place where Rainbow’s best character traits come to the forefront when she is at her very best! What seals it is Whirly Tail’s just beautiful melodies that feed Math’s vocals. You feel that triumphant and uplifting emotion hit you right in your guts! The taste of beating the odds, proving everypony wrong, never quitting, and never backing down until you’ve overcome it all! Whirly drops of her happy hardcore mixed with these glorious melodies make you feel right there with Rainbow Dash, enjoying the sun on your back and the clouds in the sky! This is by far one of the very best songs about Rainbow Dash made, period! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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