SnowShovel – Fly Higher (Feat. ProtoShadez) | Hard Rock

Rainbow Dash Vs. Lighting Dust; a rivalry to be remembered fondly by this fandom as some of the best moments of character growth for Rainbow Dash. RD fans like myself will point you to this fact. SnowShovel and ProtoShadez’s take on this confrontation comes into the theme of each of them trying to get the upper hand. The sick grungy guitar work symbolizes this war of speed and finesses, the desire to be the best and who gets to the fly with the ‘Bolts! Shadez’s vocals display claims from Dashie and Lightning Dust about who’s the better Pegasus! Special nod to PrinceWhateverer for his contribution of drums in the track as well! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


3 thoughts on “SnowShovel – Fly Higher (Feat. ProtoShadez) | Hard Rock

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