Wandering Artist – At the end of the day | Album | Orchestral / Soundtrack

Wandering Artist is back once again with another incredible collection of environments and medleys, seven in fact as part of their new album “At the end of the day”.

Originally developed as a radio drama soundtrack involving Sunny, inspired by long commutes to work as of late and how well radio shows can keep you company during those lonely drives, but “at the end of the day”, decided to just release it as music, allowing us to think of our own stories and contemplate on what Sunny did during her day while she finally gets a moment of respite!

Starting with ‘Ouverture and BroadcastI was greeted with the soothing orchestral story-telling I’ve come to love! Energy that swells and subsides with a sense of well-being and drive and a great scope of horns, strings and woodwinds beautifully mixed. Leading into the more swingy and upbeat tone of the latter track but with the edition of some acoustic guitars and e-pianos, it builds us up to the next tracks in a great way!

‘Another Summerwith its emotional acoustic forward melody and quick snappy percussion really gives off a summer/beach vibe reminiscent of a lot of the catchy popular soft rock songs I’ve heard on the radio both growing up and today!

‘Weather Forecast’ Brings back our orchestral elements with a quick breakbeat and staccato melody which is short, sweet and is well, perfect for a weather forecast!

‘Grand Waltz Brillante‘ is as the name suggests, a fun waltz filled with twinkling piano notes, plenty of glamourous calls and answers from all sections of the orchestra and a very well balanced helping of pizzicato and harpsichord! Nothing better to end a day with a ball that goes through different modes and was shockingly complex in both subtle and obvious ways!

‘Postlude Starts to wind us down taking elements from the opening track and the waltz its a wonderful way to break into the beautiful ending track, ‘At the end of the day. A very relaxed E-piano melody with a lot of soul and an ever-subtle brushing of percussion that builds into a glorious and powerful horn medley that still knows when to bring it back as things gradually subside and go to sleep for the night.

A wonderful album with great variety and concept, Wandering Artist has done wonders yet again!

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