Tw3Lv3 – Haze Garden | Album | Lo-Fi / Drum and Bass

Content warning: extensive drug references (in case it’s not obvious)

Do you want to know when an artist is at the best of their game? Hearing music made just how they envisioned it, making that dream a reality. After years of honing her craft, Tw3Lv3 proudly presents the fruits of her hard work in this album. In essence, the music she feels and breathes is here within these tracks. Music that makes you think you are having a chill time with ponies like Tree Hugger and Fluttershy in a café on a cozy afternoon. As Tw3Lv3 had stated, the music she listens to relaxes, and the music she feels is in these tracks to give you those chill vibes. Haze Garden is the right blend of lo-fi and drum & bass mixing with perfection! This album is a testament to how good she has become! Let’s take a listen.

Haze Garden
The self-titled track of this album is a prime example of Tw3Lv3’s skills as a producer. We are getting into a mood of exotic atmospheres. The flow between lo-fi into drum & bass is so smooth you close your eyes and pretend you are hugging Fluttershy, letting your anxiety melt away.

Ganja Seeds
We got some Middle Eastern vibes in high gear with this song! Getting lost in the flow of this track is natural when you mix in some pure jazz trumpet for the ears. It’s impressive how Tw3lv3 knows to compose all these elements in harmony, starting from gentle beats flowing into those stylish drum & bass drops!

Higher Together
Want some Jamaican vibes in your drum & bass? You get those peak vibes alright from this one! A more colorful and exuberant favor to this one is that you’ll be up with your friends, drinking your favorite party drink and shouting the chanting this track brings. If you looking for a good time. This is the flavor you want.

That’s only a taste of this album! It’s an excellent time to be a fan of Tw3Lv3’s Music. Her best work to date, and I’m sure this fandom will agree once they hear it. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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