Koa – Rainbow Disaster Pop | Album | Hyperpop

Content warning: This album features adult language and other explicit content.

Hyperpop has been on the rise in the fandom for the past few years, and now Koa contributes a full album worth of crazy, silly, super-boppin’ hits! Every track on Rainbow Disaster Pop is conceptualized through a different episode from Dawn Somewhere’s series Rainbow Dash Presents, a comical video set which retold notable MLP fanfiction through parody. The entire album exudes punk energy with lots of fun vocal effects, subtle audio nods to Dawn Somewhere, chaotic randomness, hilarity, and so much more!

This album features a multitude of guest artists, most notably in the opening track “NO RAINBOWS PIZZA PARTY” which features more than 30 people chanting the title over top of the catchiest synthesizer melody you have ever heard. A driving, distorted guitar and consistent clapping snare keep the energy at a 10 throughout as we are reminded not to grind children into rainbows, but instead to have a pizza party.

“I had a dream I was a horse” references the lesser known “Somewhere Only We Know” video through the comical, titular punchline. Francis Vace guest stars on the track with vocals and a fun ska guitar contribution. So much more could be said about Rainbow Disaster Pop, and while the project as a whole deserves much praise, the highest honor it can receive is for you to listen – which you absolutely should!

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