Nugget – Pesticide | Metal

I always love me some good ‘ol Metal, always. And it’s always nice to see people fullfill their dreams. Such as Nugget has done here, who always wanted to make his own Metal track! And so, he finally did with the help of Blackened as his back-up for this track. Telling a short but epic story of the fight being ON between Celestia and Chrysalis… HYPE HYPE HYPE! I LOVE this song! The tension really gets through the instrumentals here, and the structure really is well set-up here. I head-bang to this as I write this Article. Nugget really put himself out there with this Track and I hope he’ll get the spotlight he deserves for it! Who knows what the follow up to this song will sound like… (and yes, that IS a hint to make a follow up song, Nug. DO IT.)


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