[P@D] Dropper Vampire – Time To Shine (feat. Asicnar) | Progressive House

“Holy epic bookhorse batman!”. For a moment, imagine you’re there just after the book closes at the series finale. Princess Twilight invites you to the biggest party in Equestria and she sings this song. Dropper Vampire delivers to P@D: Zenith big and wraps you in full nelson of uplifting bliss of big alicorn Twilight’s message to her ponies. A pure banger with epic drops supercharged with joyous feelings of what it means to have true friendship and knowing it’s worth fighting for. This is a song worthy of reminding us that Twilight gave all of herself for friendship. It’s incredible to know she watches over Equestria. Living by the beautiful lyrics sung by Asicnar. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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