Skyshard – Way Home | Orchestral

Way Home is a happy ending story of the first fully cinematic and orchestral album called “Tiny Sky” by Skyshard. Their ponysona “Sky”, after getting lost during an ecstatic adventure in the never-ending Equestrian skies, finds their path back home with the tenderness of the piano and spirited string sections with resonating trumpets as a triumph for Sky. A breathtaking sight to behold for her and an outstanding composition for us with sound effects from the nature of the wondrous sky to be intensely enveloped in the story.

The album “Tiny Sky” is inspired from the G4 timeline of MLP, contains collabs with Darkspeen Shore and Koron Korak and a variety of orchestra pieces full of fantasy, heroism, electronic hybrid and folk. A whole theatrical album divided in three stories. Once this well-crafted album is in your music folder, you’ll become a Cloud Seeker, altitude and clear skies awaits for you to fly side by side with Sky.


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