SlightlyAmiss – Horse Enough | Post-Hardcore

Alright ponies, time to not take ourselves too serious for a while, cause neither does this song! ‘Horse Enough’ is essentially a stab against people who get elitist about how Pony the music their favourite musician makes is, it’s a song dedicated to all those ‘mlp…please’ people who think they can make demands about the content of songs of their favourite artists. Of course as you’d expect from a SlightlyAmiss song this also includes some nods to fandom memes in both lyrics and artwork, a good example being a line that references the old ‘jar’ and the nod to Vylet Pony’s ‘Antonymph’ in a poster in the artwork. This song kinda portrays a toxic side of people’s dedication to the fandom, where people get entitled to their favourite fandom musicians only producing pony music and if they don’t, they get people saying it’s ‘not Horse Enough’. So apart from this song being an absolute pleasure to listen to, it also provides some nice food for thought.

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