BlueBrony – Tails and Legends Volume 1 | Album

If you have been paying attention these past few months, then you know that it has been a great summer (or winter if you are in the southern hemisphere) for BlueBrony music! Following the incredible soundtrack for Minty Root’s Missing Out film, BlueBrony unveiled this great compilation of remastered old songs and new originals! Playful, adventurous, and often times deeply emotional, there is a lot of great variation to look forward to!

Imperfection (Remastered) – Already a masterpiece when it was released on P@D Enigma a few years ago, Imperfection takes a hard look at the sentience of Sweetie Bot struggling with the notion that she cannot be perfect. This track knows exactly when to be soft and open, and when to make the sound so full and powerful that you can’t help but be moved to tears.

When I have Friends – The final track on “Tails and Legends Volume 1” is sung from the perspective of a lonely Izzy having discovered the letter from Sunny. The verses perfectly articulate a longing for the words “You have friends in Maretime Bay” to be true which transition perfectly into a powerful crescendo of growing instrumentation, sound design, and perhaps most of all, hope.

If you are looking to keep up with the best music in the fandom, then you cannot be without this album! BlueBrony has shown flashes of brilliance consistently for half a decade, now he makes it clear that he simply radiates genius.


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