4everfreebrony – Bright Eyes (A Wonky Anthem) Cover4everfreebrony | Pop

A cover of Bright Eyes (A Wonky Anthem) by Ponky & Eccentrifuge, 4EFB’s beautiful vocals shine through with a warm and inviting glow as he serenades the listener about Best Pony. This version features an all-new backing track recording with piano that starts off really sweet, followed by a guitar that hits you by stepping up the intensity of the song and making you move and sing along! Both instruments sound as if they could have been performed live in front of you. Additionally, it features the vocal talents of Latent Logic, Thrack, Sweet R Song, Ocean Breeze, SonicSuns, and DaWillstanator in the last chorus.

If you liked the original, you’ll love this cover. If you haven’t heard the original song yet, definitely go check it out and then come back for this fantastic cover.


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