4EverfreeBrony – Copycat 2: Repeat After Me | Cover Album

4EverfreeBrony has been constantly releasing exceptional music since 2013, dozens of original distinguished singles, great covers, pony parodies and resplendent albums done by the multi-genre musician. Back in 2019 he released Copycat, a wholesome album doing covers of songs by brony musicians. Now in 2022 he has released Copycat 2 and featuring a range of musicians! This album is like a time capsule made with the respectful intent of bringing to light some of the lesser-known hidden gems in the fandom; some tracks on the album are more well-known, but many of them are tragically overlooked.

I’ll Show You My Loyalty (feat. PrinceWhateverer) – original by PhonyBrony

Close your eyes and fall away ’cause this phenomenal rock cover featuring PrinceWhateverer with dashing nostalgia. Captivating hooks and sharp rocking guitars will have you soaring in their high-toned quality. Roll this extravagant jam in your car stereo and kick in your inner element of loyalty, singing along with the duo.

Bright Eyes – original by Ponky & Eccentrifuge

Who would thought that our wonky local delivery pony Derpy has her own fun, wacky anthem? Original composition by Ponky with a rap provided by Eccentrifudge, 4EverFreeBrony saddled up and delivered their style that pops. Sing together on key with the musician and let know to Ditzy Doo that she makes living happier for everypony and let know to 4EverfreeBrony that his music is like a fresh baked muffin.

My Sweet Peace – original by Woodlore

If you’re a nature lover like Fluttershy and love to lay down and let the earth surround your soul, prepare for enchanting harp and melodic lyrics appreciating the landscape and an emotional build up as the acoustic guitar flows just like a river. You’ll be set free and caress mother earth with your eyes through this natured tune that has life beyond our own.

My Cadence (feat. Koa) – original by Matthew Mosier

Intimacy and velvety vibes plus with the integration of Koa’s flawless singing suitable for Princess Cadence, this soft ballad is a cinematical sound retelling the devotion of the love couple, Shining Armor and Cadence. Like romance at a leisurely pace it starts with a gentle acoustic guitar and glamour vocals individually doing their part till they unify in the mystique of the hooks while adding light-hearted piano and the charm of orchestral strings to fill this love blooming song.

A devoted 17 track album awaits for you on bandcamp to relive some of the fandom’s recognizable jams and hidden treasures, freshly covered by 4EverfreeBrony.

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