MC-Arch – MuffinMan (Equestrian Pyscho) Prod. Tw3Lv3 | Hip-Hop

Do you know the muffin mare who lives in Ponyville? Do you know the brony rapper and loyal Fluttershy fan who vocalizes fiery rhymes on crystalline feelings and lionhearted songs? Then the time is now if you’re in appetite for a fancy sample with an ethereal beat cooked by Tw3Lv3 and a compelling message from MC-Arch. Relating the lyrics to Derpy who remains strong for an aspiring dream of a kind world and standing up for your friendships knowing that natural disadvantages are never reason to hold anyone down. This lyrical deliverance is a 5-star sweet treat by MC-Arch, the MuffinMan. Also be on the lookout for their third album “You got me, I got us” later this year!


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