The Horse Music Herald Very Belated Nightmare Night Extravaganza

What month is it again? We wanted to collate all our NMN writeups into one post this year, but we weren’t as quick off the mark as we hoped to be 😬 But you know what they say; better late than never, right? Catch a selection of songs below from the likes of Jyc Row, Prince Whateverer, Twisty Tunes, Brilliant Venture, Skyshard and more!

The Wilders – Monster Party (Twisty Tunes Remix) | Hardcore

written by Drixale

Call your favourite ghoulies and get your costume right, the local resident DJ from PonyvilleFM is spinnin’ and the party is gonna rock harder now with a Hardcore remix! Don’t fright cause the upbeat energy will go up your spine and the bass will groove your skeleton to bust down spooky moves. Download this remix and blast it whenever you have a freaky party! Also you can catch AWal DJing on their show Core Control Live currently running weekly on Tuesdays for two hours at 15:00 UTC in PonyvilleFM.

Jyc Row & PrinceWhateverer – Pegasus Device (feat. Celica Soldream) [covering SlyphStorm] | Orchestral / Industrial Metal

written by Spectra

Pegasus Device may not have been one of the OG Nightmare Night songs, but it certainly secured itself a strong legacy, with covers like this appearing 9 years later! The trinity reunite here once again to combine Jyc’s ability to make anything sound epic, Prince’s heavy, distorted game, and Celica’s incomparable vocal performance. Oh, and robot voices. Apparently that’s been a bit divisive, but I think it fits the nature of the track and pays homage to the original.

BGM, Pony Degeneracy – Blonde Spooky Bone Stealer | Folk Rock

written by Bolt

From BGM comes a very fun track that’s so delightfully cartoonish, one might find the humor to be reminiscent of the Shawn Keller/Athena animations. Starting slow and then picking up speed to a nice bounce, Blonde Spooky Bone Stealer is a completely original Nightmare Night tale with an innovative legend and story, clever lyrics, a catchy melody, and of course those AI pony voices (provided by Hazy Skies) that BGM is so talented at harnessing and directing. In addition to the AI voices, you can also hear BGM’s own voice being featured, perfectly filling the role of the mysterious storyteller. Keep an ear out for the xylophone which makes for that classic “bone” sound you’re sure to recognize. So many elements come together to make this tune a must-listen!

EveryDayDashie – Haunted Alicorn | House

written by Drixale

Subjects of the night! Nightmare Moon’s phrase “The night will last forever” stays loyal in G5 as Starscout trades the shine of the sun for the dark moon as her dressed up as the “Haunted Alicorn” for Nightmare Night! The house is packed and the dancefloor is vibing to House music, but haunted by EveryDayDashie! The beat summons classic synth sounds of fright, the enthralling bass grips your skin and the phantasmal vibes revives the original G4 melody in a sinister twist. A theme full of sweets to bite in your playlist of fright.

TM – They Found Me | Spooky Video Game Music

written by Spectra

Toby proves once again his ability to make stuff that’s completely unique to anything else going on in the brony music scene! If I’d heard this withtout context, I would have assumed it was from a Halloween-themed indie game. The whole thing is based off a small garage rock/punk excerpt but he’s managed to transform it into something completely different, with fantastic speedy breakbeat drums and a whole blend of synths and instruments that sound great together.

Skyshard – Little Spooky Tale | Indie Soundtrack

written by Cynifree

Created for spoopy month, Skyshard has orchestrated a melancholic and intricate piece with an infectious organ run prevalent throughout its orchestration. In fact there’s quite a lot of different organ intertwining going on, including powerful pipe organ chords and a fun “spooky” lead as well! The background ambiance and subtle synth pads give a very unique and interesting atmosphere. My only gripe is that its all over too soon! Happy belated nightmare night!

Chuckles – The Bride of Chucklestein | Hip-Hop

written by Drixale

The most creative don’t challenge themselves to innovate, they challenge life and death, and Chuckles a member of Pit Crew has went mad to create the perfect waifu with this tale of terror to chill our bones. Going with an classical organ introduction, this mad scientist dared to experiment Hip-Hop in a musical theater style, and quite shocking it is with defying rhymes and a hook that’ll glue to your mind like golem parts. The character Chucklestein delivers great their part. Torch up your evil playlist with this fusing tune available to download in the description of the video.

WoodenToaster feat. Mic The Microphone – Nightmare Night (Brilliant Venture VIP Mix) | Midtempo

written by Spectra

Gee Brilliant Venture! How come your mom lets you have two Nightmare Night remixes? This VIP remix of the OG Nightmare Night song keeps some of the elements of the original, but BV adds plenty their own high-energy EDM flair to it. Things get a bit freaky in the second half as well (CW: FLASHING LIGHTS) which makes a nice little surprise!

The Wilders – Monster Party (Evershade Remix) | House

written by Drixale

Your playlist is haunted but don’t be afraid cause this remix is a delight by Evershade! Whipping up the scary emotion, the drum beat grooves with the taunting and electrifying bass and the freaky chords are a wicked touch for this witching jam. Join the party, all you need is your beat, get loose with monstrous moves and download the remix from their bandcamp page to rock your spooky nights.


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