It’s P@D Day: Album Party, Pre-releases and More!

Once again, the team at Ponies at Dawn have arranged a day of festivities to mark the release of the collective’s latest album: Wanderlust. As shown in the schedule above, the party kicks off at 3pm Eastern with an hour-long DJ set each from Thunder_Kick and Keitus before the mane event – the album showcase presented by Lycan Dese Beats – at 5pm Eastern. Join in for 7 hours of brand new tunes before Bolt and Rock Fox start the afterparty with their own DJ sets. The whole thing is being broadcast live on Ponyville FM and there’s a party happening on the Pony Town event server too!

But if that’s still not enough, P@D pre-released a bunch of songs from the album – check them out below!

Sylvver – Strawberry Shortcake | Future Bounce

Sylvver’s been making a name for herself as a (relatively) new EDM producer. This future bounce track condenses all the energy and upbeat nature of Pinkie Pie into a great songs to dance to!

Soren Ember – Rockin’ Maretime Bay | Rock ‘n’ Roll

Soren Ember made a recent comeback after a few years’ hiatus and delivers with…a classic rock n roll song? Heck yeah! Make like Marty McFly and boogie to this!

Single Purpose – Searching | Liquid Drum & Bass

One of the many solid DnB producers to grace this fandom, Single Purpose creates a fantastic ethereal atmosphere in this song. Percussion as crisp and clean as the autumn air helps keep a balance of energetic and chill vibes.

Soundnix & RKDM – Outsiders (feat. Asicnar) | Electro

Collaboration often brings out the best in artists, and that’s definitely the case with these two P@D veterans. This absolute banger goes hard, but Asicnar’s spoken word bridge adds a nice atmospheric break too.

Totalspark – Reflections Of Myself | Future Garage

Totalspark proves her title as a queen of chill vibes. Gorgeous pianos, vocals and percussion come together in this song to make a lovely little introspective piece.


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