Assertive Fluttershy – Boooring! (Algo at All Remix) | Drumstep / Drum and Bass

Algo at All has remixed a cult classic, and quite the remix it truly is! Opening with an upbeat piano chord run and breakbeats we are lulled into a particularly cheery and bouncy mood, however the build up breaks that up into a tease of higher energy before dropping heavily into a very nostalgic two-step drop harkening back to a lot of the classic sounds with a twist and don’t get me started on the rising pitch bent chords that add such an epic feeling to the entire thing!

What truly sets this remix apart is the segue into an emotional outtake from Twilight before bringing together ALL of the Mane Six singing back the melody in their own chopped flair followed again by a very clean AI vocal singing original and wonderfully themed lyrics!

An absolute gem of a piece and can’t wait to see what else Algo brings to the table!


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