Vylet Pony – Needle Pusher | Electro Pop

Vylet is back with another fun pop song! This time focused around the loveable Coco Pommel recognizing that even in the face of knowing herself and her self-worth, she will still have an uphill battle when it comes to another’s perception of what they believe you to be.

A super catchy and squishy melody is introduced to us before some screaming chiptune leads soar above our heads. Followed by Vylet’s infectious vocals combined with a patchwork symphony of glitches, 8-bit harmonies and warped and breathy pads really adds an air of mysticism. There’s a bunch of emotion here, sometimes happy; Hopeful. Other times frustrated.

What really stuck out to me was the phrase and feel before and after the 2:30 mark. A beautiful optimistic string movement, yet the vocals speak a tale of frustration adding a lot of depth to the song. After the pause we have the return of that shuffling happy melody quite literally forcing its way out of the static and all though Coco’s problems aren’t resolved, she’ll continue to do her best and make it through another day.


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