The Horse Music Herald Slightly Belated Holiday Special

Missing the festive season already? Get back into the mood with some of these certified holiday horse songs! There’s a selection from upbeat pop to seasonal orchestral to a couple of dance numbers.

EveryDayDashie – Feliz Wishentine (parody of Feliz Navidad) | Pop

It wouldn’t be a very horsey Christmas without a relevant ponified song, but I didn’t expect to see this one parodied! EveryDayDashie’s spin on this gives a more modern pop feel to the festive classic.

Nugget – The Winter Gathering (The Theme to Winter Karaoke) | Orchestral

This song is actually an official theme for an annual brony meetup in Prague! Sleigh bells adorn this piece with its triumphant, Lydian feel.

SOUND BANDIT – xmas4ever (ft. rawrity, nikedunk, gulo, wishcore) | Hyperpop

CW: language / drugs

sound bandit & friends all undergo different experiences of christmas in this song, all with a retro G3 vibe

Ethan Toavs – MLP G3 “A Very Minty Christmas” | Orchestral

Also exploring G3 is Ethan Toavs, who has arranged a medley of song featured in the holiday special movie A Very Minty Christmas.

Agatan, BlueBrony, Drummershy & ProtoShadez – This is Christmastime | Pop

Big holiday collabs are still in! Here we have a jazzy pop track reminiscent of many classic Christmas songs, no doubt thanks to BlueBrony’s unique musical style.

EveryDayDashie – It’s Christmas, Baby | Future Bounce

One festive song obviously wasn’t enough for EveryDayDashie! Here’s another more danceable offering, mashing up a ton of traditional songs with some original lyrics too.

NeighGative_ – Ghosts of Hearth’s Warming Past (feat. 1_Sky) | Electro House

A Hearth’s Warming Tail is still one of my favourite episodes, and clearly BrilliantVenture likes it too. The dark electro vibes capture the feeling of a spooky winter night.

Thrack, Evershade, MelodyBrony & Luck Rock – Canterlot Nights (covering Turquoise Splash & Forest Rain) | Pop Rock

It’s definitely a Christmas song if you’re all wearing Santa hats! This quartet’s performance of a fandom classic is such a fun song and a great seasonal mood-lifter.


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